Below are 2 blind test videos i made to compare my 2 snare mics. An SM57 and a PG56. Secondly I tested my 2 bass drum mics. Please DON’T read on if you haven’t watched the videos!

Disclaimer: These tests were done for fun and I had only had my recording set up a short while. They don’t reflect my current recordings or content 🙂

Snare Mics
Mic A was the 57. Mic B, the PG 56.

It has been bought to my attention that mic placement and various other factors could be employed to maximize each mic. But that was kind of the point… Basically just to throw them up and have a listen.

I got some great feedback and actually learnt a heap doing this. Proximity Effect!?

Bass Drum Mics

If my snare mic shootout was a split decision, this was a first round knockout. Mic A was the e902. Mic B, the PG52. 

Below are other shootouts I’ve done and not blind tests.